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When The SEC Investigates Market Failures

This week, the SEC gave us a belated Christmas present.  But what does it actually portend?

The present in question is an 88-page "Research Note" from the SEC's Division of Trading and Markets titled "Equity Market Volatility on August 24, 2015." It's an innocuous-enough title, but for us market-structure wonks, it's kind of a big deal.

The conclusions of the piece are purely factual, and include dozens of pages of juicy charts and tables (be still my nerdy heart!). There's little or no conjecture, and there's absolutely no policy recommendations.

It outlines the facts of that fateful trading day, discussing what went wrong, and which classes of securities were affected. It's a gold mine for folks who want to dig in and understand what happens when things break, and, for any investor, it's worth reading at least the first six pages.

Key Findings

Here are the most interesting findings—not just because they're objectively interesting—but because they give you some insight into where the

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Chuck Royce: The Current State Of Small Caps

The small-cap market finished 3Q15 with a double-digit decline, in many ways similar to the correction investors saw around this same time last year. CEO Chuck Royce sits down with Co-CIO Francis Gannon to discuss why he believes corrections are a sign of healthy market behavior, the importance of risk management in the small-cap space, and why he thinks a new market cycle will favor companies with earnings.

More at RoyceFunds

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Just like a civil courts case, the market is now guilty until it can prove itself innocent.  Just as in January/February 2014, we are trading below a falling 20d, which to many, represents sellers there.

As the cases of Ebola continue in Africa, residents down here in Dallas are nervously watching the news for any indication of further spread from the Dallas infected.  It's tragic and unsettling.  While I prepare to fly to Chicago tomorrow for my daughters wedding, I must admit to already having thoughts "what if the infection spreads further here while I am gone?".  I've never been an alarmist however those in voluntary quarantine continue to take risks, going on airplanes and cruise ships, placing others at risk.  If more Ebola cases spout up in other cities, will people begin to stay in their homes and venture out less to theaters, malls, restaurants, bars, etc.?

The ECB announced they will begin their asset purchase program much sooner than expected after a raft of grim eurozone

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Small Cap Bullish Butterfly?

1290883?profile=original1290900?profile=RESIZE_480x480We've all watching the weakness unfold in small caps and I would question whether it is truly weakness or has merely been consolidating after running too far, too quickly.  One distinct possibility is that it has now formed a bullish butterfly as shown right (click image to enlarge).

The measurements using a fat crayola are there, although butterfly patterns can extend down to a 161.8% extension so further downside would not void the possibility.  It would merely wash out all weak hands by taking out the low before reversing.

If so, here is your entry to get long with risk being very limited with a stop (alert) below the lows......along with everyone else's.

I would point out that even though everyone has wondered if small caps divergence from it's large caps brothers, there are no negative divergences really when it comes to indicators.  If it were bearish, one would expect to see bearish divergences indicating a further decline. 

We are not witnessing that in small caps.  I am al

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Small Caps

1290885?profile=RESIZE_480x4801290919?profile=originalSmall caps have been the 800 pound gorilla in the room as the Dow achieved a new all time high.  A stronger dollar would certainly have more of an impact on them of course as they tend not to have the cash reserves of their larger mid-cap and large cap cousins.  Lack of growth in the EU and China certainly do not help matters.

What some pose as a possible double top, could also be a bullish butterfly pattern beginning to emerge.  It's downside target would coincide quite nicely with it's rising 200 week simply moving average.*and* keep it within it's long term channel since the 2009 low (a buying opportunity) and then the reversal would kick in as the market would reverse (trapping shorts) and resume it's move upward.

BTW one must note that no support has truly broken yet.  It is entirely possible tomorrows opening drive low is bought and we begin to ramp up once again.  Just pointing that out.

The inverse ETF, $TWM, is nearing triangle resistance, which if broke, would give it a ta

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Possible Small Cap Double Top

Some technicians draw with a wide crayon but when I see exact touches in a pattern, I feel it adds to it's validity.  Such is the case in IWM (daily and weekly shown).  The chart is simple to understand and we may simply be carving out a consolidation or trading range during these Summer doldrums however if lower support breaks with volume, then watch out.  Click chart to enlarge.


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Sunny Saturday Reads May 10th

And what are we doing at our computers. It's beautiful outside - go enjoy the day........and don't forget to pick up somethinworkplace-safety-charts_2.jpgg for Mothers Day tomorrow!

  • More pain ahead for small caps, saysCredit Suisse.  Since the mid 1990′s the average and median pullbacks in the Russell 2000 have been 21% and 14%.
  • Some measures of corporate credit spreads have reached their tightest levels in the past 23 years. Does this mean that optimism has peaked and it's time to sell? Not necessarily says Califia Beach Pundit.
  • Pope Francis calls for return to morals, generosity and redistribution of wealth TCC
  • Fracking has done phenomenal things for North Dakota, including making it the deadliest state in which to work. MotherJones

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