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  •  There is a tremendous amount of resources available and the info sharing is better than any other I have seen. I have personally seen and acted on many trade-able ideas here. The diverse technical analysis, knowledgeable members and the real time chat link has really helped me become a better trader. This truly is a unique trader’s haven. Thank you again for all your efforts. -Doc from Pennsylvania
  • I have been a member of Stockbuz since its inception. it is without a doubt the best interactive stock discussion venue i've ever been a member of. There are many knowledgeable traders that have passed on insights that i would have received nowhere else. this site is truly unique. –Vmac from Maryland
  • StockBuz Chat is like having your own FastMoney roundtable but with people who actually know what they're talking about. It's always engaging and informative but more importantly, when you have real skin in the game, it can be invaluable to get differing perspectives on your trades if your own perspective is getting clouded. There's no guru here promising to lead you to the promised land for $399 a year - What one gets instead is on-demand fundamental and technical breakdowns of stocks, ETF's, futures, bonds, options and news from a diverse group of traders/investors. I know for a fact that I've learnt different ways of looking at a technical picture just by listening to discussions here. That's why I keep coming back. I don't pay for most of those subscription sites where u follow the lead of some trading messiah for that reason - clouds own judgement, dulls ability to think for ones self.  -Sadiq Jafri from Pakistan
  • I am a relatively new trader. I have found Stockbuz to be a very informative site. If I am unsure of a trade or need assistance with stock analysis I am able to pose my questions to other more seasoned traders and technical analysts. Even though I am a newcomer to the stock market my comments and questions are treated with respect. The wealth of information found on the web can sometimes be overwhelming. I often use the forums section of stockbuz to stay current with relevant information. I really like the stock charts that are posted by other members. By following the conversations and looking at the charts I can understand how other traders are analyzing and planning their next trade. The sense of community and the camaraderie found at Stockbuz makes for a very enjoyable experience. –Steiny from Colorado
  • Hi Kos! I am going to check your page more often because you have Bollinger Band squeeze scans! -Donald from Wisconsin


Hello there and thank you for visiting StockBuz.  Many of us met over the years trading in other forums. Some were brand new, others semi experienced to veteran investors however after a time, we realized we felt restricted, confined.  We never truly had the freedom to fully share our ideas and thoughts on a timely basis. Twitter seemed to assist in the communication process but was too chaotic, binding with only 140 characters.

It seemed we craved more: a traders playground where Forex traders could mingle with swing traders and long-hold investors. Tick traders and day traders, bond investors and value investors......all sharing market knowledge, discussing market conditions, investment approaches and overall growing with one another........thus StockBuz was born.

We've only recently opened our site to the public so I invite you to wander around our pages.  Invite your friends.  Scroll through the charts.  Kick the tires, as it were........and make StockBuz your home.  There are no gurus here.  Merely open and honest collaboration, learning different approaches and perspectives.  Begin a blog, ask questions on investing, upload what you're reading, post charts and gain perspectives. Your own playground........


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