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Funday Monday Reads June 2nd

  • Better than expected China PMI over the weekend and ECB meeting on Thursday with LTRO announcement being anticipated and a (speculative) rate cut to help boost their economy.
  • $GOOG is planning on extending its customer base by offering internet usage to the un-wired regions of the world via satellite and boost revenue as well as earnings. The new project's estimated price ranges from $1B-$3B, and will start with 180 small, high-capacity satellites orbiting Earth at low altitude.  180 "low altitude"?  Just how many are up there anyway?  lol
  • Cost-cutting in a digital age to continue.  Imagine the possibilities.  For example one bank digitized it's mortgage-application and decision process, cutting the cost per new mortgage by 70% and slashing time to preliminary approval from several days to just one minute. A telecom created a self-serve, prepaid service where customers could order and activate phones without back-office involvement. A shoe retailer built a system to manage its in-stor

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High cost of tuition and college loans ties with overall lack of money or low wages as the top concern of those aged 30 to 49. Housing costs also emerge as a relatively bigger concern for younger adults (14%)

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Hump Day Reading


  • For all the worrying about weather impacting job creation, Trim Tabs say real time tax receipt data (allegedly more reliable than BLS data) suggests that the economy has been picking up steam.  24/7WallStreet
  • A 8.2% magnitude earthquake overnight off the coast of Chile with a 2 meter tsunami.  Supposedly mining operations have not been affected buy you try to tell that to silver and gold this morning.  They're not buying it (so far)
  • Interesting metrics from Flurry on mobile usage today.  GOOG accounts for 18% of time spent by consumers which includes YouTube, while FB is 17%.   Android web browsing is losing market share, going from 20% or usage down to 14%
  • Facebook apps continue to hold strength ahead of Google according to Comscore data..  Twitter's app was only used by 22.8% of U.S. smartphone users in January. 77.6% used Facebook's core app, and 27.5% Instagram. Five different Google apps were used by over 40% of users.
  • The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) met it's targ

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Obamacare Update - Who Has Signed Up?

For better or for worse, it doesn't appear that the Affordable Care Act "Obamacare" is going anywhere but will have to be "fixed" with Amendments down the road.  In the meantime, how are the STATES actually doing in terms of enrollment?  You might be surprised.

Note:  If this video does not display, blame Bloomberg for their (once again) broken code and view the video HERE

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Daily Reads

  • Just goes to show you, when it's hated, it can outperform.  Who was the outperformer for your money in Q1?  Bonds baby! Bespoke
  • Today is Option Expiration for some weekly options.  Monday will be end of month and end of quarter.  Redemption selling has been pretty vicious but orderly.  Some feel this is the beginning of a larger correction and that reaction rallies should be sold at the higher level.  Clear rotation out of tech and small caps into fixed income, financials and oil/gas. Kos picked up slivers of her favorites names last night looking for some window dressing.  Keep an eye on USD/JPY for proxy for risk appetite.  To those not so brave, let the market show it's direction before pulling the trigger and even then, be nimble and prepared to bail.
  • 60 minutes will be doing a spot on Elon Musk and TSLA Sunday evening.
  • Early on, there's been market chatter of further easing coming out of Japan and Fed's Evans talking to reporters that he feels rates won't be increased unt

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64% Of Americans Now Support Obamacare

1290411?profile=RESIZE_180x180Maybe it's backfiring.  Maybe those who had pre-existing conditions accepted that having coverage was worth the higher price versus no coverage at all.  Add in those with lower income levels who had no insurance previously.  A big bump.  Maybe all the foot stomping over website glitches (which is common with new websites folks),  fear mongering of information security, "death panels" and contraception coverage from the angel-believing right are being drowned out.  

A new survey shows 64% of Americans now back ACA, of course slight revisions being supported as well but wasn't that expected?  No major law goes on the books without tweaks and revisions but this is actually good news if you're long certain healthcare names whose price has benefited the last few years. 

Of course maybe Bloomberg's survey is inaccurate.  Stranger things have happened but MSM (main stream media) would have you believe ACA (Obamacare) is a nightmare and hated nationwide.  Maybe, just maybe, MSM is feeding us

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