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The Future U.S. Consumer

Back in the 1990's, we as Managers were trained in racial diversity and businesses began their slow and gradual integration for the Hispanic community (Spanish calls center workers, select "5" for Spanish on automated phone services, packaging with alternate language, etc.). The CBO had already made the predictions of the shift in U.S. ethnicity and companies had to prepare. Fast forward 10 or 25 years from now now and just what will be the face of the consumer ahead?  What about job growth, income growth and how many older Americans will fall off of the economic spending gap?

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Funday Monday Reads June 2nd

  • Better than expected China PMI over the weekend and ECB meeting on Thursday with LTRO announcement being anticipated and a (speculative) rate cut to help boost their economy.
  • $GOOG is planning on extending its customer base by offering internet usage to the un-wired regions of the world via satellite and boost revenue as well as earnings. The new project's estimated price ranges from $1B-$3B, and will start with 180 small, high-capacity satellites orbiting Earth at low altitude.  180 "low altitude"?  Just how many are up there anyway?  lol
  • Cost-cutting in a digital age to continue.  Imagine the possibilities.  For example one bank digitized it's mortgage-application and decision process, cutting the cost per new mortgage by 70% and slashing time to preliminary approval from several days to just one minute. A telecom created a self-serve, prepaid service where customers could order and activate phones without back-office involvement. A shoe retailer built a system to manage its in-stor

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th?&id=HN.608049081561845259&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0I so would love FOX news to pause from all the foot stomping and finger pointing "the labor force participation rate continues to drop under Obama and his failed Presidency!" to respond to this post from Ritholtz but that will never happen............because it doesn't boost ratings.  If you drink the FOX koolaid, please take a look at this research and do some of your own. 

Is it Obama's "failed policies"....or a good percentage merely a matter of aging demographics AND was it foretold?  Yes it was - over a decade ago.  Of course riling people up brings in viewers and sells newspapers.  Hype sells, peiod.  Telling people they knew it was going to happen but didn't bother to warn you...........well, not so good.  Its easier to point at a President and say's "it's all his fault" than to admit that aging baby boomers coupled with increased automation and outsourcing to help companies bottom line (stock price) are the main culprits. 

By the way, while they're pouring kerosene on your sm

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Ever want to reach through the television screen and punch someone?  To see ANY commentator spew fairy dust and tall tales with a straight face without telling the entire picture just makes my blood boil.  Here's a portion of this discussion - full video located below

"The excess amount of young adults living at home will unwind alongside a stronger macroeconmic environment and income growth; and the inordinate amount of married couples that are residing in apartment will transition into single-family homes"
Liesman continues:  It has been wrong but I still believe. 
Seriously?  Sure - in a normal recovery!
Steve while you're doing your "30,000 foot view", did you fail to notice the little to no job OR income growth?
  • Where's the "stronger macroeconomic environment"?  The GOP is doing everything they can to stop a minimum wage increase.  Steve, perhaps you should write your Congressman.
  • Su

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