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We Have No Inflation? What Of Cost To Rent?

1290449?profile=RESIZE_480x480It makes me insane when the Fed says inflation remains subdued.  Subdued?  idk where they live but my rent in 2013 went up 7% and this year, 9%.  A 2-liter bottle of CocaCola used to be .99 cents.  Now it's $1.99.  Don't even get me started on the ridiculous increase in crude oil versus a few years ago (doubled) and how small a bag of my favorite chips has become 1/3 the size for the same price.  Oh, that's right.  They don't include food and energy (the stuff that always goes up).

Last time I looked, housing cost was still included in inflation numbers but yet today a minimum wage person would have to work two weeks just to pay the rent.  Forget about the electric, cable, phone or food.  Oh wait, let's see if we qualify for a free Obama phone and food stamps (sarcasm).  I'm sorry but I hope they raise the minimum wage.  The government should not have to subsidize workers to survive because minimum wage has not risen along with cost of living.  They two should go hand-in-hand if you a

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