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Charles Schwab Corp. (SCHW) did almost double it's volume today. Saber rattling from Fed on punch bowl yank. Everyone knows CHUCK stands to make good scratch come rate raising time. More so than most. I think today we seen people getting there in the trade. Eat my dust....I 've been there for awhile....;).and riding nice shr avg....Someone is going to look at these guys for deposit/asset base and the retail trading arm that a buyer might be looking for or lacking of.... as bonus. I always felt Chuck was a poster child for asset integrity in all this. Took no TARP. And what little loans were made seem to be low risk. Or I could be wrong...and they're heading for door....last one out get the lights...will ya....lolI wrote the below last AugustI have to tell ya...After reading through the Q at (SCHW)-Charles Schwab...I amreally optimistic about the future for them. Let me state some points. First,someone asked me yesterday why is CHUCK a good long term stock to buyhere?....My reply was th

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Wow! are they ever hyping the impact/importance of the NEXT unemployment numbercoming. It's not as "paradigm shifting" as they make it. Regardless of what is shows or not. It's a drummedup/conjured to suite fit number....Agreed or disagree? They act like it's goingto end all problems on slightest statistically anomaly pimple. It dont change the factpeople are living longer ....and by default working longer/later into life to keep w/ rampantrise in cost of living....All while technology efficiency and automation and corporateprofit seeking to appease the "Masses" takes away(exponentially) the jobs neededto maintain.... let alone thrive and grow a vital economy. Thats the trade off with risinglife expectancy due to exponential advancements in medicine that keep peoplealive longer. Some say we as a species are on the cusp of immortality. Imaginewhat unemployment numbers will be then!I remember Judge Smails from 1980's cult classic "Caddy Shack"...when Danny was sucking up to him for the L

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