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ep_chart_001.gif?width=300Saw this and had to share it because clearly, there are enormous masses out there that just are not feeling giddy over the economic "recovery".  Trickle down effect?  Yeah, o.k.   Sure, the stock market is enjoying all time new highs but is the economy truly humming along?  The numbers show obviously not for the majority.  Bribe your kids.  Do whatever it takes.  They'll need it later, even more than they need it today.

From Ritholtz:

The economy is, in a word, “lumpy.” It is strong in some regions, anemic in others. Strength by economic sector varies widely. There are myriad reasons for this: Some parts of the country were much harder hit by the real estate collapse; some sectors naturally rebound more quickly; some innovations lend themselves to more rapid growth.

The kind of recovery that you personally are experiencing is highly dependent upon many factors, but today I want to focus on three: education, market sector and geography. The data suggest these elements matter a great dea

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit And Innovation

I enjoy showing stories such as this with my children.  Not only to possibly spark the idea in their mind that they too, could one day become an small business owner but that technology and innovation can transform any business and continue to change each and every day.  They could be the next Henry Ford or Steve Jobs.  Look at the first airplane and compare it to a modern stealth fighter.  The first telephone to smart phones where we hold mini computers in our hand and communicate to the other side of the globe within seconds, no wires needed.   Never stop learning.  Never cease looking for ways to improve the way things are done.  In America, we are so extremely fortunate to have access to the education to achieve whatever we wish.  They sky is the limit.  The resources are there.  One only has to go for it.

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1290332?profile=RESIZE_480x480It's difficult to envision just where growth and expansion will come from today in a world of debt and low job growth however McKinsey offers these five (5) game changers:

  • Shale-gas and -oil production. Powered by advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, the production of domestic shale gas and oil has grown more than 50 percent annually since 2007. The shale boom could add as much as $690 billion a year to GDP and create up to 1.7 million jobs across the economy by 2020. The impact will extend to energy-intensive manufacturing industries and beyond. The United States now has the potential to reduce net energy imports to zero—but only if it can successfully address the associated environmental risks. 
  • US trade competitiveness in knowledge-intensive goods. The United States is one of the few advanced economies running a trade deficit in knowledge-intensive industries. But changing factor costs, a rebound in demand, and currency shifts are creating an opening to in

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