Unleash The Hounds. Alibaba Frenzy Month To Begin

When Jack Ma founded the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba in 1999, one of his stated goals was to build a company that will last for at least 102 years so that it would span from the 20th to the 22nd centuries. Now with products, technology and marketing -- what Alibaba has done is a great combination of all three.

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba ($BABA) is expected to begin an eagerly awaited roadshow for what could be the largest ever IPO early in the week of September 8, and its shares could list as soon as September 18 or 19, according to a person familiar with the situation.

Expected to raise about $20bn when it lists on the NYSE rivaling the Agricultural Bank of China’s $22.1bn IPO from July 2010, currently the largest on record.

Alibaba’s ability to make a transition to mobile has been a focus of analysts and investors as China’s tech groups square off for customers glued to smartphones. Last week, the company announced a surge in mobile revenues for the second quarter.

A tenfold jump from mobile devices helped to drive overall revenues 46 per cent higher to Rmb15.8bn ($2.6bn).

Alibaba also increased its internal valuation to $140bn, from $133bn earlier this month and $119bn in June, according to regulatory filings.

Chinese and Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs are watching closely what Alibaba will do with the proceeds of its listing. Alibaba has been carrying out a string of acquisitions recently, snapping up start-ups in whole or in part to fuel its ambitions at home and abroad.

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In 2012, the company’s annual net profit was still less than that of Baidu. But in just one year, the figure more than doubled.  For a peek at Alibaba's financials, checkout ChinaInternetWatch

If you are an investor in Equities or a beneficiary of a Pension Plan, you are likely going to own shares in Alibaba. Just so you have an idea of what you are owning, consider it the Chinese equivalent of all of the businesses below. In other words, this is an ENORMOUS company.  (Quartz)

Alibaba is the leading e-commerce site in China but to compare them to Amazon or Ebay seems quite an injustice when one considers all that they entail.  As they say 'there's an Alibaba for that".

If you need help valuing Alibaba, download Dr. Damodaran’s valuation framework and input your own assumptions.

The value of the operating assets in Alibaba, based on my assumptions, is $127.48 billion. Adding cash ($7,876 million), the value of cross holdings in other companies ($2,087 million) and Alipay ($3,000 million), netting out debt ($6,670 million) and the value of equity options granted to employees ($3,190 million) results in a value for equity of $130.59 billion. Finally, since this is an initial public offering that will raise money that is going to be kept in the firm (according to the prospectus), I added an estimated $15 billion (the rumored IPO target) to arrive at an overall equity value of $145.59 billion. Again, working with the 2368.67 million shares outstanding, including restricted stock units granted to employees, that works out to a value per share of $61.46/share.

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