Daily Reads

  • AAPL's iPhone6 release expected late Summer, early Fall. Marketwatch
  • 44 stocks on Morgan Stanley's radar as take over candidates
  • Yellen's gaffe that wasn't. CNBC
  • How airlines are boosting their bottom line amid higher fuel costs; with add-on fees.  Click on graphic right to enlarge.
  • China slaps Nu Skin ($NUS) on the wrist, fining them $500k for misleading consumers.  Market was anticipating a much heavier fine and impact on EPS.  (booyah!  Kos is long)  AsiaOne
  • AAPL in talks with CMCSA over streaming-tv service. WSJ
  • CSCO pledges to invest $1 Billion to build out cloud infrastructure.  Better late than never I suppose.  WSJ Blog
  • Beneath our cities, a tangle of decaying gas pipe.  {What to look forward to with Keystone in 50 years}  NYTimes
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