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Solar Semiconductors

Not all semis are the created equal. Take SPWRA, a semi manufacturer for the solar industry. They're just not getting any loving here and it's my belief that it's due to #1 lower crude pricing and #2 high unemployment where people just plain can't afford to begin solar projects. Then there's word of Germany cutting back on their solar subsidies going forward; just another sign of worldwide economic belt tightening. [Hat tip to T-Bird for this article] Now don't get confused over semiconductorss used for DRAM, or computer memory. Tickers such as Micron Technology [MU] have been flying and have a great 2010 forecast as well. Inventories are down and with the release of touch-screen technology - demand is expected to rise even further. In a piece I wrote December 26, 2009 I talked about the possibility of a DRAM shortage in the coming years, so in my humble opinion we traders/investors should stay out of the solar sun for the time being - and getting long DRAM...........but that's a subject for a different forum; a DRAM Forum

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  • big money has been moving around....that's the only reason i own JASO. (passive investing with the big boys) but yeah it could be years before you momo guys even bother to visit.
  • Admin
    T-Bird says one of the Najarian brothers was talking bullish on solar. I don't see it but maybe he's hoping for a bounce in solar once the Germany news is digested [or he taped the show b4 the Germany news was released]. IDK. Just passing it on......
  • your charts are too small even after i enlarge them...
    • Admin
      *lol* Of course they are *lol* There's no purpose to the charts other than to clearly demonstrate at a glance that solar has gone nowhere whereas the other semis have gone up in value w/demand from the tech sector. Don't need to draw trendlines for that. I'll work on overall chart size for more pertinent *trade* charts. Tks
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