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GOOG Pulling Out Of China?

If you weren't around AMC today, you missed all of the excitement as The Official Google Blog announced that GOOG will no longer censor any Gmail flowing to/from China and if talks with the Chinese government conclude without a solution, they are willing to close shop and pull up stakes. Immediately GOOG shares fell after hours but somewhat recovered only loosing $7/share. Chinese rival BIDU however, soared an estimated $30/share; happily poised to take up the slack when/if GOOG gives back its marketshare.

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  • Admin
    fwiw I posted an updated chart of GOOG in the slideshow area of the main page. Looks to me to be forming a triangle.......
    • well, trying to keep this alive last night after hours trading bumped bidu up 85-87 points..UNREAL.......not really.will bidu see 1k............OH YEA. does china have it out for goog,...OH YEA...........some rumor that they may do a 3 for 1 split. i doubt thats the case right now at this point in time.speculation is all. but we have seen stranger things in the market take place. time will only tell........if bidu..or even goog for that matter want thier stock to go ballistic from here,i think they should sweeten the pot, oh yea..LIKE A GODAMN DIVY WOULD BE NICE................ to be continued..........for sure...............
      • well bidu is doing a 10-1 split, see how that pans out,in dilution terms. personally i think thats too much a float.
  • both at parity now. wed,both @ 567,today thursday,both @ 566.
    • all the sudden bidu gets upgrades,price targets,and now after all the run up, some fawning.on the 1 minute charts last week it hit we know where resistance is set.upgrade trgts, wouldnt ya know, 630. and 680, thats a hell of a spread.will it get there,who knows,probably.but most importantly,is the ride over? can it sustain that high of a price,and if it does,is it still an issue that someone would want to divy there.and goog,making a lateral strategic kind of move to stay in china,by way of hong kong,where the law system is the old english laws, lets see who has the might to push the goog move in getting them out of china completely. there will be a bump in googs price action from the news,will that be sustainable? no divy there either,
      • im laughing so hard, sob's. they r treating bidu like the thing just came on the market.and now starting to realize that goog WILL SEE 300, think it aint so.i do. i have twitted, long bidu,short goog. it was met with resistance as i had expected,ya know, because ,dearly beloved we are gathered here before the goog. believers, what,did they all think that goog would never get slammed, and cramer. he NOW,is telling everyone to buy bidu. price target...700.300 less than my projected target, which, as far as china is concerned, will be a 1k stock........well the bullshit certainly seems to be flying alll over the place, but know one thing,#'s dont lie. now the same people who showed arrogance at what i spewed there about goog and bidu are all in a, i cant believe its not butta, state.poster named stockmaster over there, ,laughed when i said goog will be a 300 stock, ,before bidu,then cried at the same time cause he lost $ on a put contract on bidu while goog was tanking........oh. i forgot the most important, this morning, an article @ seeking alpha. price target for goog....................300..........
  • C bank upgrade a new price trgt for bidu. 630. fwiw,cause its C doing the rating. 700 hundo is where this baby is going
    matter of a another quarter for this one. any major pull back, for a call contract @ the 600 strike, a little otm, but thats a nice bump
    • well, it seems as though,not only does the chinese government want goog to leave.but the people themselves want them out as is trying to push hard for"their " right not to censor any information.and the chinese gubment will have nothing to do with what goog wants. personally i see goog days are #ed in china. when you read the article in the china daily,the sentiment is so strongly against goog,by the people themselves......this does not bode well for goog going forward. especially the bottom line. the last 5 sessions has literally been a neck and neck race in price of both stocks. and the s&p ratings are doing there bit, in down playing bidu strength,yet a yr ago they had no star ratings,to a three star rating on bidu,while keeping their ratings subdued somewhat.
      • seems as a 99.9% that goog gets pushed out of china according to the financial times,rueters,and that chinese blog/news china tec chi something or other. look out if your long goog.just watched steven places' twits tv, asked him about goog and bidu. he'd short them both. my take,as i asked the Question was, short goog first,try to get the pop on bidu,then do a swing trade on bidu on a short/put play, but being very careful on the timing of your entry on puts/and shorts for bidu.cause when that thing pops,the pop could have some decent followthrough.
        • so heres what I'm dissecting from reading up on goog some more, seems as though Mr. Schmit, the ceo of goog and mr jobs from aapl are in a rivalry.and by seeing how Mr. schmit who has a confidant,who is also,now get this,is the same confidant to mr jobs, they are both enraged by one another to the point,that the employees of both companies are mesmerized at whats going on. but in all of this,and trying to read between the lines is that even though goog pays aapl so much money every year for being the default search on iphone and i pad,and the "search and destroy" path that goog is taking by wanting to get into the same retail products for consumers as appl does is not sitting well with Mr.Jobs. so now,as the new york times printed in the tech section,that a top exec from .dig this.... mr softy..why, to piss off shcmit,and go with bing as the default for iphone,and all the other stuff the seeing how mr.shcmit conducts himself with an american counterpart in the same sector.tells me, that there is truth to the 99.9% chance that googs days are #'ed in as soon as all this crap hits the fan,to the general public, short goog, long bidu.......and get ready for a surprise shot gun wedding between Mr. jobs, and Mr. ballmer, while Mr Buffet, and Mr. gates smile, as the marriage becomes reality. ....getting more interesting by the day... but man, theres got to be an arb play in there,cause some boo-koo bucks are gonna be made. all i had to read was a msft high exec was seen coming out of aapl's head office.
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