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  • Admin
    IBD Top Ten as of 4/18/10 The following stocks are the IBD-100 Top Ten in ranking order for the week of April 19: (1) Lululemon (LULU), (2) Medifast (MED), (3) Aixtron (AIXG), (4) China Automotive (CAAS), (5) (PCLN), (6) Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), (7) Baidu (BIDU), (8) Industrial Services of America (IDSA) (9) Vancelnfo (VIT), (10) Clearwater Paper (CLW)...NOTABLE CHANGES: China Agritech (CAGC) dropped out of the number 8 spot as a result of dropping out of the IBD-100... Baidu (BIDU) went from # 4 to # 7...Bucyrus International (BUCY) went from #7 to #13. Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) went from #13 to #6. [theflyonthewall]
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    • Admin
      I wish the guy had gone back further than '09 but interesting nonetheless. You can even hear Art Cashin talking a/b full moons and such and how a great # of traders pay attention to these things. Thanks for posting it Steiny
  • Admin
    An MP3 interview w/Eric Sprott, CEO & Portfolio Manager of Sprott Capital Management. Named Fund Manager of 2007, this discussion touches on gold, silver, the US economy, bonds and much more. [hat tip to Mr. P]
  • Kos,
    I highlighted my link in text, used the link button in the gray area above, second icon from right and can't seem to get the link to work. Any helpful ideas?
    • Admin
      I'm very sorry - Haven't been able to keep up with emails and its taken me forever to see your question. I am very, very sorry. Don't know why it didn't work for you but you can just paste the link into your message without using the link button and it should still work/link to the webpage.

      A faster method to contact me [if I'm not in Chat] would be to click on my avatar in Chat, go to my profile page and leave me a message there - those are like *alerts* and I get them immeidately. Again, I'm really sorry for the lonnnng delay Missy.
      • No worries Kos! I forgot I asked you about this, crackin' me up right now...thanks again for the site!
  • Jubak has interesting column on investing in Peru due to higher credit rating. Any thoughts?
    Jubak: Where to invest now

    Hmmm...not sure what I'm doing wrong with my link, but Jubak's column can be found on msn money
  • Admin
    Ashraf had an interesting post on his resolutions for the New Year. The highlights: get out of GBP and buy actual gold & silver coins.
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